M1 Widening J21-29 (Leicester-Chesterfield)

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Scheme Outline

Scheme details

Upgrade to existing road under motorway restrictions
Highways England
Region: East Midlands
Central Government
80 km
49.7 miles

On-line widening of the M1 between junctions 21 and 30 to dual-four lane standard. The widening will turn the hard shoulder into a fourth lane, and construct a new hard shoulder alongside. It seems unlikely that the finished road will have continuous hard shoulders. Additional climbing lanes will be provided where necessary and some junction improvements are being considered.

The first phase will widen junctions 25 to 28 between 2007 and 2010, working entirely within the existing highway boundary. The second phase will cover the remaining road between junctions 21 and 30, requiring the acquisition of additional land and taking place between 2010 and 2015. The second phase will include all junction improvements (including free-flow links to the M69) and a new Kegworth bypass at junction 24.


14 March 2006 The public are invited to a series of exhibitions to view the widening plans.
14 January 2007
14 March 2008 Work is now under way by a couple of months, with boundary fences erected and tree-felling work done. Despite claims that this phase will happen within the highway boundary, new land has been acquired. Possibly some will be returned after work is complete. Work is taking place between j25 and 29.
13 January 2009 ATM is now being considered by the Highways Agency for this stretch of M1.
23 November 2009 The majority of new hard shoulders have been completed both north and southbound between junctions 25 and 28. Work is now ongoing to completed the central barrier. Sign gantries are yet to be completed.
7 May 2010 Cones have been removed from junctions 25 to 28 and there are now four lanes in use. The 50mph limit is still in place.
24 May 2010 The speed restriction has been lifted both ways - reports from locals say journey times are cut by 7 minutes.
27 August 2010 According to the Highways Agency website, the J25-28 widening project officially ended today.

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This scheme was last updated on 29 August 2010.