M25 and A2 Widening

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Scheme Outline

Scheme details

Upgrade to existing road with some parts under motorway restrictions
£ 138m
Highways England
Region: South East
Central Government
9.6 km
6.0 miles

Works to widen the M25 to dual four-lane carriageways between junction 1B and the A2. The A2 will be widened from dual three to dual four-lane carriageways between the M25 and Bean, where previous widening works finished. New direct sliproads will be added to the A2/M25 interchange between the northern and eastern arms.


14 December 2005 Costain are announced as the contractor for the scheme and work will start on the A2 and A282 widening in early 2006. Some public consultation is still necessary before the M25 widening can begin later in 2006.
14 March 2006 Work is now under way at the M25/A2 interchange, with trees felled and some earthworks taking place. The line of two or three sliproads are already evident.
14 August 2006 Signs have appeared on the M2 warning of delays from September 2006 - so that looks like the probable start date.
14 October 2006 Roadworks are now underway, with narrow lanes on the M25 during construction of the flyover.
14 January 2007 Narrow lanes are also in place on the A2, any bridge piers for the new flyovers at the junction are visible.
14 March 2007 Widening work on the A2 is now underway, and a steel structure is in place across the A2 for a future flyover.
14 April 2007 Works continue and a 'SPECS' average speed camera system has been installed through the extensive work area on both M25 and A2.
14 September 2007 The M25/A2 interchange is currently something of a mess, though the new flyovers are beginning to take shape. Realignment work is taking place on the A2 further east, including realignment about 100m to the south of the existing line.
14 October 2007 Work is now running six months ahead of schedule. Various new bridges are finished and ready for use.
14 January 2008 The junction works at the A2/M25 interchange have now formally opened, with free-flowing links between the A2 and the A282 to the north. Work continues at an advanced stage on the A2 widening and M25 widening projects.

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This scheme was last updated on 2 November 2008.