M4 J28 Improvement

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Scheme Outline

Scheme details

In planning or on hold
Junction improvement with some parts under motorway restrictions
£ 13.7m
Transport Wales
Region: Wales
Welsh Government

Modifications to the existing roundabout at M4 junction 28, which handles interchange movements between the M4 sliproads, the A48 and the A467. The roundabout will be modified to a teardrop shape, with closure of the part between the westernmost entrance and exit, and a new cut-through installed to enable traffic travelling eastbound on the A48 to pass through the middle of the junction. A new section of road will pass around the west side of the flyover carrying the eastbound A48 to replace the closed section of roundabout.

Most approaches to the junction will be widened and traffic signals will be modified to suit the new layout.

In conjunction with this scheme, the Welsh Government will also provide capacity upgrades at the nearby Bassaleg and Pont Ebbw roundabouts.

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Official website
Welsh Government: M4 Junction 28

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This scheme was last updated on 10 April 2017.