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Scheme Outline

Scheme details

Junction improvement with some parts under motorway restrictions
£ 65m
Reading Borough Council
Region: South East
Reading Borough Council/Central Government

Reconstruction of M4 junction 11, the connection point for the A33 and large parts of Reading. The junction improvements will add a new gyratory system around the outside of the existing roundabout, with the current bridges used for a bus priority route through the middle of the new junction. It will facilitate park and ride facilities that are proposed close to the site.


14 August 2006 Government gives approval to the scheme, though the public inquiry is not yet fully complete.
14 January 2008 Preparatory works have already taken place with the erection of an acoustic noise barrier on Basingstoke Road near Kingsley Close. Funding approval from the Department for Transport is expected in February, after which work should begin in May.
14 May 2008 Tree clearance took place in February, and now the site compound is under construction.
24 May 2010 The new motorway bridges are mostly complete. The new roundabouts in South Reading are close to completion. Traffic from M4 J11 into Reading temporarily follows a different route while another roundabout is completed.

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