M40 J15 Longbridge Island

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Scheme Outline

Scheme details

Junction improvement with some parts under motorway restrictions
£ 57m
Highways England
Region: West Midlands
Highways Agency

Improvement to the existing roundabout interchange (currently featured in Bad Junctions) by providing a bypass for A46 traffic. The finished layout will effectively be a three-level stacked roundabout but instead of building the A46 flyover across the existing junction, it will be built slightly to the north-west.

However, to maintain access between the new road, existing roundabout and the B4463, a roundabout is included in the south end of the A46's new mainline instead of a merge/diverge. The north end is of a more standard design.


14 December 2005 Work on the junction is now expected to commence in April 2007.
14 January 2008 The Secretary of State has now approved the scheme following the end of the public inquiry, and construction is now due to start in March 2008. It is thought that funding has been allocated but not formally announced yet.
14 March 2008 Work is now under way on this project, with the first phase to build the new bridge over the M40 north of the roundabout. The completion date is now estimated at 2010.
23 January 2009 Work is still progressing with some closures and narrow lanes on the M40. New gantries are also visible through the work site.
23 September 2009 The new bridge over the M40 is substantially complete and the Highways Agency have announced that the bypass is to be opened by Christmas 2009. Northbound A46 traffic is already using the new bridge.
14 December 2009 The new bypass bridge over the M40 was opened to traffic today. Work will continue on improvements to the roundabout into 2010.
12 June 2010 Scheme, in the main, is now completed. Weekend closures for residual works still taking place. The main motorway junction roundabout still has works taking place with frequent lane closures for remodelling.
17 July 2010 This scheme is now complete and open to traffic.

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This scheme was last updated on 17 July 2010.