M40 J4 Handy Cross

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Scheme Outline

Scheme details

Junction improvement with some parts under motorway restrictions
£ 12m
Highways England
Region: South East
Central Government

Reconstruction of the M40/A404 junction to include expansion of the existing roundabout to include priority right-turn lanes for traffic turning between the M40 and A404, and a new left-turn lane for A404 to M40 west traffic.


14 October 2005 Contractors have now started work on site.
14 March 2007 The scheme is now seriously over schedule. The new section of road through the roundabout has been opened and the accompanying traffic light phasing still has problems, to the extent that it is causing additional congestion at peak times. The extra free-flow slip roads to and from the A404 to the south are still incomplete due to poor weather and ground conditions.
14 May 2007 The free-flow slip road from A404 to M40 is now open and a recent visitor reported the remarkable lack of queues at the junction - and on a Friday night too! In mid-May the junction was fully opened to traffic.

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This scheme has been completed, so it's no longer possible to edit any of the information on this page.

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This scheme was last updated on 26 October 2008.