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New road with some parts under motorway restrictions
Preparation of legal orders and public inquiry
Highways England
£ 112m
Midland Expressway Ltd.
6.4 km (4.0 miles)

Scheme Outline

A new route to connect the M54, which currently only has south-facing access to the M6, to the M6 Toll slightly to the north. The route will be paid for by the M6 Toll concessionaires. Sadly, considering this will be a link between three motorways, early signs are that it will not be a motorway itself.

The road will be free to use, though obviously traffic joining the M6 Toll will be subject to the toll charges.


14 July 2006 Public exhibitions are held in the area to view the proposals.
16 July 2010 According to the Shropshire Star this has been put on hold, pending the current spending review.
30 October 2010 Following the autumn spending review, the DfT has stated that it will seek to improve the design and sequence of work for this scheme.
20 January 2012 According to a BBC News report, Telford and Wrekin Council will launch a campaign today in support of this scheme.
2 October 2014 The Highways Agency has started a consultation on the scheme and published three options for the link. The Government has confirmed funding for this link if developer contributions come in.

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This scheme was last updated on 14 October 2014.