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Scheme Outline

Scheme details

New road under motorway restrictions
£ 445m
Transport Scotland
Region: Scotland
Scottish Government/DBFO
9.5 km
5.9 miles

Construction of new six lane motorway on elevated viaduct through the south-eastern districts of Glasgow to extend the M74 from its temporary northern terminus to meet the M8.


14 August 2002 Scheme added to 'Futures' section.
14 May 2003 Compulsory purchase orders and planning notices are visible in Rutherglen and surrounding districts. Craig Reilly notes that local feeling is that this project is, despite political dithering, full steam ahead and is unlikely to stop now.
14 September 2004 The European Court of Justice has ruled that much of the land along the route is to be classed as 'hazardous' due to old underground chromium dumps, which is set to make the whole project much more expensive.
14 March 2005 The Scottish Executive approves the scheme to start, despite the scheme's public enquiry ruling against it.
14 May 2005 Protesters announce their intention to lodge an appeal against the Scottish Executive, after its decision to proceed with the road.
14 June 2005 The start of construction could now be delayed up to a year due to legal challenges against the project.
14 June 2006 Environmental groups have now dropped their challenge to the scheme on legal advice. The scheme is now free to continue.
14 March 2008
14 May 2008 Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond, broke the ground at the official start of work on 28 May.
20 February 2009 Foundations for the new junction with the M8 laid by Transport Minister Stewart Stevenson.
13 March 2009 Piling work temporarily halted near the M8 junction as cracks have appeared. Work on a section of the M74 extension will not restart until engineers are satisfied there will be no damage to Glasgow's subway system.
4 July 2009 Piling largely competed in the west section, and sub-structure work substantially complete for both M8/M74 link bridges. Earthworks and import of fill materials are ongoing in the east section.
11 May 2010 Most of the major project structures are now in place at both the West and East sections and preparations are now well under way for the work to build the remaining bridges required as part of the the 8 km road which links the existing M74 at Fullarton Road near Carmyle in the east to the M8 south of the Kingston Bridge.
13 September 2010 The Transport Scotland website announces that the project will be completed by June 2011 - almost nine months ahead of schedule.
2 May 2011 The official opening will be carried out by the Duke of Gloucester on June 28, 2011.
28 June 2011 The route opened to traffic today.

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This scheme was last updated on 28 June 2011.