M8 J29A Southbar Interchange

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Scheme Outline

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In planning or on hold
Junction improvement under motorway restrictions
Transport Scotland
Region: Scotland
Scottish Government

Re-opening of Southbar interchange (closed in the 1970s) connecting the M8 to the A8 between junctions 29 and 30. The layout of the new junction will be significantly different to the original; two new roundabouts will be provided on the A8 with two sliproads accessing the motorway to and from Glasgow. No access will be provided to or from the north.

The original junction had free-flowing sliproads to and from Glasgow, with a large loop in the north-east quadrant. These will not be reinstated. The land once occupied by the loop is no longer owned by Transport Scotland and the new interchange will involve acquiring much less new land than if the original junction were to be rebuilt.

The junction is required to support extensive regeneration plans around Bishopton, including construction of a major new BAE facility.

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Plan of scheme
PDF file Transport Scotland: Environmental Statement and scheme plan

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This scheme was last updated on 22 March 2017.