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Scheme Outline

Scheme details

Under construction
New road under motorway restrictions
£ 180m
Transport Scotland
Region: Scotland
Scottish Government/DBFO
9 km
6 miles

Partly off-line upgrade of the existing dual two-lane A8 route to motorway standard, providing some new dual-three lane sections. Much of the route will have parallel A8 and M8 dual carriageways.

New junctions will be provided on the parallel road at Shawhead, Eurocentral and Chapelhall; substantial junction improvements will be carried out at Ballieston and Newhouse.

This scheme will complete the M8 between Glasgow and Edinburgh, which has been unfinished for many years, and will close one of the most obvious remaining gaps in the Scottish motorway network.

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14 February 2003 Scottish Executive announces large-scale spending on transport, including the completion of the M8 route. For the first time a definite date has been given for this scheme.
14 December 2005 Details are released for the first time, with 25,000 brochures distributed to locals. The proposed improvements are far bigger and wide-ranging than had been anticipated.
14 June 2008 Transport Scotland indicates that the public inquiry is due to take place in July this year.
3 August 2009 The project has been subject of a Public Local Inquiry, and the report on this is due this year.
9 November 2009
8 August 2010 After a former transport minister accusing the Scottish Government of 'dithering', a spokesman for the Scottish Government said: 'We expect to announce a decision shortly. Subject to approval of the Baillieston to Newhouse scheme, Transport Scotland is considering packaging the M8/M73/M74 improvements and the proposed M74 Junction 5 Raith works to provide best value for the public purse.'
25 December 2010 This project was given the go-ahead on December 14th by the Scottish Finance Secretary, subject to completion of the statutory process. The work will include the improvements to the M74 Raith Interchange and M8/M73/M74 Network Improvements.
21 January 2011 The statutory process began on 20 January 2011. Procurement is expected to begin in 2011-2012, subject to the scheme obtaining parliamentary approval.
23 February 2011 The project has been approved by a vote of MSPs.
30 March 2012 The procurement process starts today.
4 March 2015 Work has now begun on this work and the associated work on the M74, Jn 5, Raith.
29 October 2016 From Sunday Oct 30 2016 a section of the new M8 will open westbound at Eurocentral, solely providing access to the A725 southbound. The off-slip from the A8 to the A725 southbound will permanently close at the same time. The new junction at Chapelhall is in use for westbound traffic, with the new A8 APR due to open mid-November. A new roundabout linking the A89 with the A8 at Baillieston is now in use, with the roundabout on the A89 at the A8 APR new terminus well under construction.
18 February 2017 The M8/A8 at Baillieston closed to traffic on 17th February. All traffic is now diverted on to the A89, and the new A8 before rejoining the current A8. This is to allow the M8 to be joined to the new road. The closure will last for ten weeks, with the new shiny M8 subsequently expected to open between there and Eurocentral junction.
24 April 2017 The new M8 opened to traffic westbound on the 23rd April, and eastbound will open on the 30th April.

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