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Glasgow's outstanding collection of urban motorways deserves more than one video to do it justice. So here's a whole collection! You need a run through in each direction to appreciate the M8 alone - and then there's more.

Take in all the sights: from the M80 to the M77, the railway bridge on the M80 with false perspective that makes most people duck as they drive under; the five-lane M8; the sliproad stubs for the unbuilt junction between 16 and 17. After nightfall, the drive takes in all those high mast lights, backlit signs, city skylines and - above all - the terrifying confusion of the M8 in the dark!

Steven Jukes was the official CBRD motorist for these videos - many thanks to him for piloting us safely through Glasgow's urban tangle.

Video captured
November 9-10 2005
Running time
Eastbound (daytime) 5'40"
Westbound (daytime) 7'37"
Eastbound (night) 7'55"