A Kind of Magic

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Swindon's Magic Roundabout has a reputation as something awful and frightening. It regularly tops lists of drivers' least favourite junctions and the most frightening motoring experiences. Foreigners come to marvel at it. Learners take long detours to avoid it. And, to be fair, standing at the side and watching it can be quite unnerving.

In fact, strange and unconventional as it is, the junction works incredibly well - with an astounding traffic capacity and remarkably fast handling of large numbers of vehicles. In busy conditions you can still get from one side to the other without having to stop for more than a couple of seconds - something that would be impossible on any other kind of junction.

To get the full idea of the true fear involved here, try watching the video in two ways. As a driver, you watch immediately in front of you. Try also watching what's happening further away: the panorama of cars moving past each other in all directions. It's enough to make anyone think twice!

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Video captured
29 February 2008
Running time
First attempt 0'46"
Second attempt 0'29"
Third attempt 0'43"