Up for adoption

24 January 2022

For most people, highway maintenance is not a day to day concern. But not every road is the responsibility of the local council. What if your street is “unadopted"?

Gifts for road lovers

10 December 2021

Keep being asked what you want for Christmas? No problem: here’s our pick of road-related Christmas treats for 2021.

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  • Up for adoption Richard 25 January 2022

    From my experience dealing with a village with a few unadopted roads, the…

  • No exit Craig 23 January 2022

    I live right by the HS2 site compound between the M25 and Denham Way.

  • What happens when you don't pay the toll at Dartford Keith 23 January 2022

    I received a penalty charge 4 weeks after crossing Dartford toll even though…

Latest Bad Junctions comments

  • M1 - M25 Hamakei 16 January 2022

    Personally I hate how when heading South on the M1...when you reach this…

  • M1 - M62 Michael 21 December 2021

    Finally, there is a decent chance we are getting a new (unconventionally-…

  • A167 - A184 Alfie 5 November 2021

    We all end up on autopilot on that junction. Too busy trying to see what…

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