Queensway Tunnel:
Birkenhead photo tour

I have to admit that Birkenhead is not one of the places I had ever made much effort to visit. It's a functional sort of place, busy trying to regenerate its desolate docks and revive its struggling economy, and there aren't many frills and distractions around the place. Uncomfortably close to the main shopping area is the vast, forbidding expanse of tarmac that forms the Queensway Tunnel toll plaza.

All the same, while it might not be the sort of place you'd put on a postcard, it is blessed with the 1930s art deco of the Queensway tunnel, whose architecture has been much better preserved here than in Liverpool. This gallery, then, focuses on some of the surviving features of the tunnel's original vision, and also explores the 1960s flyovers, underpasses and toll plaza that swept away large parts of the town centre.

The lost portal of Rendel Street

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