Back to the Forth

Published on 14 January 2018

Back in October last year, a new photo gallery arrived on CBRD called Forth Bridges, with pictures of all three bridges across the Forth between Edinburgh and Fife - the Forth Bridge, the Forth Road Bridge and the new Queensferry Crossing - seen from down below at water level.

That offered an interesting and unusual perspective on the three structures. Another interesting perspective that is normally difficult to photograph is from the deck of the Queensferry Crossing itself, which of course is now the M90, so stopping to compose a picture is frowned upon.

Fortunately, on 3 September 2017 several thousand people had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to walk over the bridge and see it up close before it opened to traffic. Crinan Dunbar, a regular visitor to CBRD, was one of those lucky enough to stroll upon the tarmac, and he's now kindly made some pictures available from the walk.

You'll find them added to the end of the Forth Bridges gallery, where they're a perfect fit.

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Picture credits

  • Photograph taken from an original by Crinan Dunbar and used with permission.

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