Route Open Junctions Section
1 M62 Mar 1975 J35-36 Rawcliffe → Goole
2 M32 May 1975 J2-3 Eastville → Ashley Street
3 M60 May 1975 J2-4 Sharston Bypass Opened as M63
4 M8 May 1975 J12-15 Monkland Motorway Stage I
5 M11 Jun 1975 J7-8 Harlow → Stansted
6 M18 Jun 1975 J6-7 Thorne → East Cowick
7 M53 Jun 1975 J5-10 Hooton → A5117 Opened as M531
8 M62 Jun 1975 J34*-35 Pollington → Rawcliffe
9 M55 Jul 1975 J1-4 Preston Northern Bypass
10 M56 Jul 1975 J9-11 Lymm → Preston Brook
11 M66 Aug 1975 J3-M60 Bury Eastern Bypass (south)
12 M25 and A282 Sep 1975 J23-24 South Mimms → Potters Bar
13 M5 Oct 1975 J27-30 Killerton and Sowton sections
14 M23 and A23 Nov 1975 J8-11 Merstham → Pease Pottage
15 M5 Nov 1975 J24-25 North Petherton Bypass
16 M8 Nov 1975 J30-31 Bishopton Bypass Stage II
17 M27 Dec 1975 J2-4 Ower → Chilworth
18 M271 1975 Entire motorway
19 M54 Dec 1975 J5-7 Forge → Cluddley
20 A167(M) 1975 Entire motorway Opened as A1(M)
21 A58(M) and A64(M) 1975 Phase III Westgate → Armley Gyratory
22 M621 1975 J1-3 South West Urban Motorway

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