M3 (NI)

M3 (Northern Ireland)

Lagan Bridge

Belfast to Ballymacarrett

The M3 is fairly obviously just the last mile of the M2, built in the 1990s when a new crossing over the Lagan was required. Not that anybody pays any attention to its number anyway.


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A new set of Ringways pages are now online, looking at unbuilt motorways and road projects west of London.

No smoke without ire

London's Ultra Low Emission Zone has just expanded to cover the whole inner city, and across the UK, other cities are implementing their own Clean Air Zones. Is this the future?

Devon help us

Road signs are colour coded for different types of road, but in Devon there are more colours than anywhere else. What do Devon's colourful signs mean?

Have you seen...

Junction Three

The M621 has one junction where everything leaves the motorway and heads for the city, and a very bizarre junction it is too.